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  • IGSP aims for Global Standard.
  • We are always doing our best to achieve the primary purpose of IGSP’s research and development, which is to serve Global Standard in the world.

  • RPC and drying storage facility
    Edible rice and milled rice recovery based on rough rice improvement system.
    RPC management system (incoming, inventory, grain temperature control system).
  • Industrial auto-weigh and packaging fquipment
    Automatic packaging equipment.
    Semiautomatic weighing equipment.
    Semiautomatic packaging equipment.
    Metal detector.
    Weight grader.
  • Highly accurate measuring device
    Moisture measuring equipment.
    Electric resistance type of watershed compact.
    High-frequency capacitance type of watershed compact.
    Near infrared (NIR) watershed.
  • Industrial auto-weighing and packing equipment
    Customized Automation Equipment Development
  • Image Processing & Optical Sorting Machine
    Color Sorter
    Optical Inspection Equipment
  • Environmental Facility
    Integrated Dust Collector
    Vortex Hood
    Dust Collecting System Using Air Flow Analysis
  • Renewable Energy Facility
    Biomass Heating Equipment
    Biomass Generation Facility