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  • Global Standard! IGSP is reaching out to the world.
  • IGSP is promoting business in 6 fields, including grain processing, color sorter, industrial weighing/measurement, Integrated Dust Collecting, and renewable energy and environmental facilities. Ideal is dedicated to making your life more energetic and convenient through continuous R&D to achieve sustainable growth.

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  • IGSP’s Mechanical & Electronic R&D Center, since it was established on August 1, 1996, has focused on developing treatment facilities for the Rice Processing Complex (RPC). In particular, it has developed and supplied advanced treatment facilities, such as Hopper Scale, Auto Weighing & Packing Machine, Color Sorter, and Brown Rice Conditioner. Through such researches and developments, the R&D center has acquired various patents and have contributed to the development of grain processing techniques in South Korea.

    It has constantly expanded the scope of study into automation of RPC, highly accurate weigh and measurement systems, and environmental treatment to become the industrial leader of the 21st Century. In case of highly accurate weigh and measurement systems, it has developed NIR (Near Infrared Ray) Watershed System and NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) Watershed System to improve the field adaptation of noncontact nondestructive inspection equipment. To prepare for the consumer protection policies of the PL (Product Liability) Act validated in 2001, center has developed metal detector and weight grader to supply the final inspection equipment for manufacturing factories for end user protection.

    In part of the company's pursuit of vision technology, our center has developed advanced color sorters and acquired Korean NEP, EU CE, and US MET certifications. Since established, our center utilized our original image signal processing technology and began with B/W camera sorting system until 2013 when we released the ISORT 4G, world's first full color image sorting system that featured a whole new level of accuracy and efficiency in sorting raw materials. 4G Series is available in Korea as well as 18 different countries, providing accurate sorting service specialized for individual material.

    In case of environmental treatment, it has developed and patented continuous drying facility for food waste treatment. It has also jointly developed Cyclone-Bag Filter, Vortex Hood, and Integrated Dust Collecting System for manufacturing factories’ dust collection facilities with Korea Institute of Energy and installed it in cement factories, milling facilities, and RPC that generate a lot of dust for excellent dust collection performance. Through the introduction of air flow simulation, our center provides a customized design for optimizing integrated dust collecting facility since 2013. Such customized facility maximizes dust collecting efficiency and minimizes energy consumption.

    IGSP’s R&D Center is focusing on developing advanced equipment for various fields to actively keep up with the fast-changing market environment and making bold investments to grow into the best R&D in order to provide ‘Global Standard’ of advanced technologies in the world.