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  • Vision Division Introduction
  • This division provides effective solutions for selecting bulk grains, coffee beans, tea leaves and industrial plastic based on an optical color sorting technique. It has made an effort to select high-quality and faulty products through accurate and fast identification of shapes, and increases the quality of the products cultivated by customers.
  • This division can identify all colors of materials by developing a full-color based CCD camera sensor in 2013 as well as overcoming the limitations of an existing black and white mono camera. All kinds of natural colors can be created by combining three colors of LED (red, blue, green) used for a source of light, and from this process, the light closest to the materials is created. The image sensor of the camera memorizes the frequency of the light set and detects the frequency of different colors from that of the light for selecting materials.
  • When the materials start falling inside the light closest to the materials, the camera starts recognizing each shape of the materials and detects the frequency of different colors of the materials through the imaging sensor. The materials with different frequencies are blown away by using a high-speed air gun.
  • Camera light-based LED
  • The faulty products identified by the imaging sensor are carried out through the high-speed air gun at the bottom of the camera, and these products are transferred to the feeder at the top and selected again. After completion of this process, only the top quality items are kept.