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  • RPC Division Introduction
  • RPC (Rice Processing Complex), as a leading division for the processing related to drying, storing and processing techniques for the post-harvest processing of grains, constructs equipment for the whole process necessary for crop productivity with high quality. This division manufactures most of the units required for the processing treatment itself and performs business through a turn-key contracting system based on system engineering from design, construction to a trial run of processing facilities.

  • DSC (Drying and Storage Center)
  • This facility serves the functions of transporting, selecting, drying and storing products cultivated in local areas. It has the same system as transporting, selecting, drying and storing parts of RPC, but does not have a grain-processing function.

  • 3D Modelling Design & Simulation of Structure
  • The structure consisting of the plant, minutely designed even in tiny parts, based on 3D modelling, applies to the actual construction of the plant by reducing errors for the actual construction and calculating the optimum structure through computer simulation.

  • RPC Layout & Flow Chart

  • Explanation of RPC processing
  • It calculates accurate products carried through measuring and metering moisture and mass of grains transported from the local areas by using an automatic stock system .
  • The materials transported are dried with an optimum amount of moisture which is beneficial for storage through a grain drier, and after that, the fully dried grains are transported to a grain silo for storage.
  • After that, the grains are transferred to the processing part, and in particular, rice goes through the milling part for white rice and brown rice, and color-selecting as well as metal-detecting processing to decide the final quality.
  • The grains deemed as high quality grains through the above process are transferred to the packaging part and packed in various customized sizes.
  • In addition, the installation of integrated dust-collectors such as a vortex hood and a cyclone-bag filter in places of important facilities, maximizes prevention of dust, so the equipment for processing by-products generated from the processing of grains is accompanied.
  • The entire processing of RPC is controlled automatically through a computerized operating management program (storage management, temperature control of grains, stock management, harvest rate check, production management, history management) at an integrated control station.